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Hey Babe, I'm Kelly

Specializing in Blondes and Reds

Kelly is fun & down to earth, can give you amazing product & styling tips as a busy momma who wants to stay modern and makes the best brownies in the world!

"My favorite thing about being a hair stylist is helping women to not only love their hair, but feel beautiful inside and out!

If you sit in my chair, plan to find that not only can you love your hair and enjoy doing it, but that you'll leave with more confidence in your styling techniques & your daily life."
I became a hair stylist because I struggled to manage my hair growing up and want to help other's to manage their own as painlessly as possible.  I knew that I wanted the opportunity to make meanginful, fun connections with women each day and have spent the last serveral years doing just that.

I'm fueled by my love of organic coffee with sugar free creamers and a book.  When I'm not in the salon I'm doing something fun with my family whether it be Knotts Berry Farm or the beach, a sports event or at the softball fields where I not only watch, but coach my 8 year old daughter.

Through the years my hair has always been a struggle for me.  As a natural dark blonde with thick & unruly hair, I have always enjoyed bringing out the natural high lights & low lights each of us have and giving an overall look that makes you want to take the time to learn how to work with your locks.  Now, as momma with thinning hair, I see more than ever how hair you love can lower or boost your confidence which is why though I love a rich brunette and red's are definitely up there for me, but blonde hair is right up my alley!
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