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Is it yours?  Hell yea, I paid for it!

Hair extensions are the hottest hair trend on the market these days. Within a few short hours, you can step into the thick, luxurious hair you've always longed for.

Below you can find general pricing to suit most hair types.  Pricing varies depending on length and the amount of hair required. 

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Hair Extensions

Extension Pricing

Install pricing includes: hair, install, cut to blend, style, and Extension Care Goodie Bag filled with Alterna shampoo & conditioner, Earthly Botanicals hair Oil, extension brush, and scrunchie ($192 value).

Move Up pricing includes extension removal, reapplication, and heat style.

**Additional services, such as coloring extensions or any work on your natural hair are not included in the Install or Move Up prices below.



  Move Up






  Move Up 




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One-Step Weft



  Move Up

One-Step Weft



Your experience begins with a consultation.

During your consultation, we will create a plan for your hair goals, swatch your hair to find your perfect color match, determine the best
method and amount of hair needed for a natural, seamless look.

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Are the extensions visible?

  Extensions can be completely hidden in most hair styles. They are installed in a way that allows your natural hair to cover them whether you style it down or up. It just depends on the method used, density of your hair, preferred style, as well as the length of your current hair.

How do I style my extensions?

  You can wash, blow-dry, straighten, curl, wave or put them in any up-style. All extension clients receive a how-to care guide. It's important to brush your extensions morning and night as well as add daily oil, but other than that you can style them just like normal hair!

Do extensions cause breakage and/or hair loss?

  Breakage and/or hair loss can occur if extensions are installed incorrectly and/or not maintained properly.  Normal daily hair loss will continue to happen regardless of extensions. I do my part in the salon to ensure your extensions are installed properly, but you have to do your part at home to maintain them correctly.

 I give all my extensions clients the guidance and knowledge to keep their hair healthy and happy in between appointments.

How often do I need to get them done?

  It depends on multiple things such as the method chosen, how quickly your hair grows, natural oil production, how often you’re washing your hair, whether the extensions were chosen for functionality or for luxury, and level of activity. Wefts tend to need maintenance every 4-6 weeks whereas I-tips need maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

How do extensions feel?

  They will feel heavy initially! When first installed, they may feel a little tight and your scalp may feel tender to the touch, but after a week you won’t even notice and you’ll just be in love with your new hair!

Who is an ideal candidate for extensions?

  ALL hair types are a great candidate and many hair lengths are as well. I prefer to work with clients who have hair shoulder length at the shortest, as it requires a lot of styling ability on the client's end to make your extensions look good at home if your natural hair is shorter than that.

​  I also require that my clients are not going through excess shedding to protect the health of their hair (post-pregnancy hair loss, hormonal hair loss, mass weight-loss, stress hair loss, etc).

Can I swim with them in?

  Yes, but you SHOULDN’T.  Things like chlorine, sunscreen, and salt water can drastically shorten the lifespan of your extensions and the color of them. I can give you tips for protecting your hair in case you plan on getting them wet, but it's not recommended to swim often with hair extensions as our natural oils that protect the hair does not transfer to the extensions.

Can I bring my own hair for you to install?

  No, unfortunately I cannot guarantee the quality of your end result unless the hair is purchased directly through me.

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